Camera reel or plain not real? That is the question! Long before the internet and clever photo editing software became available, came faked photographs. One of the most infamous cases was the Cottingley Fairies, which wowed and caused controversy back in 1917. If you’ve not heard the story of little girls Elsie, Frances and the Fairies they were photographed with, they’re well worth investigating. It’s an interesting tale of how photography powers the imagination.

Unreal photos without props or trickery

Meanwhile, after showing you how to fake it with our photo editing infographic a few months back, today on the blog we’re sharing 20 images that we think will make you double take in double figures! Because – believe it or not – this infographic is compiled completely of images that are not enhanced with editing trickery. That’s right, these photographs are all camera reel! The combination of interesting subjects, skill and patience that went into the creation of these 20 images is giving us serious #photographygoals for 2017!

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non edited photograph infographic

How cool would it be to eat Pizza in space?! Which is your favourite photo among the collection? Have you taken a photograph that looks too good to be true and if so, how did you snap it? Share your tales of non-trickery in the comments below.